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Re: Fedora, OLPC, and Sugar Labs

On Mon, 2008-07-14 at 10:27 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> My really big question is what can we do to get the people actually
> using the Sugar interface?
> And not just the target audience for olpc..but we need to get older
> people using the interface as well, people we can get involved in the
> development process via bug reports and patches.  I think it really
> comes down to being able to provide an alternative Sugar desktop that
> our Fedora users can live and work inside of.

This a unique open source project in that developers are not developing
for themselves.  Many people become involved with a project by
scratching their own itch.  With Sugar, we are (hopefully) helping the
next generation. 

In the end, this will help us.  10 years ago hackers were typified as
loners working away in their parents basements.  Now, many of us are
parents.  We can share our [passion|hobby|job] by setting up a Sugar
desktop for our kids.

> Locally I'm in contact with some teachers who are basically sitting on
> a pile of slightly dated surplus Dell desktops that the military gave
> away. Some have been put in use, but there's still a pile of them. I'd
> like to take a few of them and make a Sugar lab, but I'm not really
> sure how I can do that from a policy standpoint.  I can't just walk
> into the school system and setup a lab. I could try to set one up here
> at the university but I doubt anyone would really touch it.  I'm just
> not sure how to make effective use of the resource, even if I got my
> hands on a few of those computers.

Right now, the Fedora community can help by working on a Sugar based
respin so we can increase the size and visibility of our user/tester


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