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Re: Feature Test Plans (was Re: [F-10 Feature?] Nodoka notification theme)

Rahul Sundaram said the following on 07/14/2008 02:29 PM Pacific Time:
Will Woods wrote:

A good Test Plan should answer these four questions:

0. What special hardware / data / etc. is needed (if any)?
1. How do you prepare your system to test this feature? What packages
need to be installed, config files edited, etc.?
2. What specific actions do you perform to check that the feature is
working like it's supposed to?
3. What are the expected results of those actions?

Your answers can be short: "get a bluetooth keyboard and yum install
bluez-gnome newer than 0.25" answers question 0 and 1 just fine. But
they need to be complete and explicit: "Get an appropriate keyboard and
install the new packages" is not helpful.

Can you add this information to



Will do as part of enhancing definitions for each section heading.


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