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compiz and ppc64


For some time compiz wasn't available for ppc64 because of missing
libdrm. Few days ago when I reviewing some emerald bugs(since I'm the
maintainer) i noticed that there is libdrm.ppc64. So today I decided
to rebuild compiz for ppc64 and the build went fine 
( http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=717203 )
Also I rebuilt emerald and it also went fine. There is some more stuff
to be rebuild:


I can rebuild them or the maintainers can.
I also have no possible way of testing this so I'll mail

Before rebuilding whole bunch of other stuff i was wondering:
Is this something important? For fedora ppc64 arch there wasn't compiz and
all the composing stuff, but now there is. Is this "feature" or just
some packaging bugfix?

Best Regards,

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