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Re: Fedora Spins and "where will this end?"

On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 1:05 PM, Sebastian Dziallas <sebastian when com> wrote:
> By the way: I think, the question is also: Who is going to use all these
> spins? Is the average user downloading three different education spins? Or
> isn't he just moving to another distribution with an all-in-one solution?

We will... NEVER... have an all-in-one solution for every possible
usage that can be thought of as a stand alone live image.  The
repository is huge and will continue to grow.  A Spin image is at best
a starting point meant to address a narrow usage case. If you really
need to do a lot with the operating system, then you will end up
needing to install the operating system and install more software.
Education as a topic can be made as broad as the full extent of our
software catalog without much trouble.

> We had such a discussion in one of the education SIG meetings... somebody
> predicted teachers asking their students to insert spin 17B for the current
> lesson.

Or perhaps we make generating single-purpose spins so easy, that
individual teachers can produce exactly the Fedora Spin they need for
their classroom, with exactly the software they want from a livecd.
Spins are not and will not replace the need to do an installation to
hard disk and install additional packages.


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