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Re: Fedora Spins and "where will this end?"

Sebastian Dziallas wrote:

By the way: I think, the question is also: Who is going to use all these spins? Is the average user downloading three different education spins? Or isn't he just moving to another distribution with an all-in-one solution?

That's a false dichotomy. The fundamental qualification to be considered a Fedora spin is that packages are already part of the Fedora repository which means that the Fedora already has the all-in-one solution. Spins merely provide a convenient starting point for those interested. Perhaps you will be interested in


We had such a discussion in one of the education SIG meetings... somebody predicted teachers asking their students to insert spin 17B for the current lesson.

If it is a meaningful and valuable spin (as determined by Spin SIG and others) then that's perfectly fine.


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