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Re: Heads-up: brand new RPM version about to hit rawhide

Andreas Ericsson wrote:

In short, I deal with a single tool to handle everything regarding

Be careful of this advantage, though. It works when you deal with git exclusively for all your packages but for the majority of our packagers, we'll have to deal with a minimum of two vcses and methodologies. I deal with upstream who has svn, cvs, none, hg, and bzr. So if we did good exploded tree support I'd need to work with dist-cvs, hg, and bzr locally.

(And saying: "Don't convert your other packages" is extremely hard for a variety of reasons:

1) Since you aren't the only maintainer, you may not have a choice.
2) When packages are passed back and forth between maintainers, you end up with a very disjoint history if you let them switch in and out of upstream VCS arbitrarily.


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