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latency-policy call for review

Anyone want to review this package? It's designed to make it easy to set
system latency power tunables.


Once its in cvs, I'll be suggesting it's installed by default for Fedora
10. The output is something like this:

[root hughsie-work sys]# service latency-policy restart
Setting best-effort system latency: 10000μs                [  OK  ]
 • Enabling ALPM link powersave                            [  OK  ]
 • Enabling ASPM powersave                                 [  OK  ]
 • Enabling ALSA powerdown                                 [  OK  ]
 • Enabling ondemand governor                              [  OK  ]
 • Enabling WiFi poll powersave                            [  OK  ]

Admins can tweak the system latency and everything is auto calculated,
or they can just force disable or enable of certain modes. The default
policy provides substantial power savings. I'll post power numbers when
the new 2.6.26 kernel is pushed into F9.

More details are on my blog:



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