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"anaconda" package install selection after the install


previous package management solutions would allow to revisit the
eye-of-bird package bundling presented by anaconda during install. The
functionality moved from system-config-package to pirut/pup, but now
on F9 I can't find it anywhere.

Packagekit only offers a complete view with several filters to reduce
it a bit, but the anaconda preselected applications were human
cherry-picked and represented best-of-breed Fedora bits.

Is there a way to get to anaconda's package selection after the
install? For example how do I pick support for language XYZ w/o
digging into yum groups?

BTW is anaconda's selection based on yum groups' mandatory/optional
packages? I can't find the language groups, though.
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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