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Re: consolidating on gnupg2 in F10

Bill Nottingham wrote:

> For a really long time now, we've shipped both gnupg and gnupg2
> in Fedora. In fact, in Fedora 9 a relatively standard install will
> get both installed.
> It appears a good number of these can be ported to gnupg2, if not
> all of them. Should we wire up a feature page?

Imo, yes, it's a worthy goal to get these ported so that at least gnupg(1)
doesn't land in any default install.

fyi, here's my inquiry upstrem on whether it's possible or a good idea to
try dropping gnupg1:
(come to think of it, my question there wasn't phrased all too well, but the
feedback was insightful)

answer: probably not a good idea.  

So, that leaves consolidating/standardizing on gnupg2, as something still

-- Rex

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