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Re: heads up: new libraw1394 so, stuff needs rebuildin'

On Friday 18 July 2008 04:59:32 pm Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Coming Real Soon Now to rawhide is a build of the final libraw1394 2.0.0,
> which includes a soname bump, which means a number of packages are going to
> need to be rebuild. A quick glance with repoquery suggests the list is
> limited to:
> unicap
> gstreamer-plugins-good
> coriander
> libfreebob
> pwlib
> kdebase
> kdebase3
> dvgrab
> libiec61883
> firecontrol
> libavc1394
> The last four are all my packages, so I'll take care of them. The rest I'd
> rather leave to their respective maintainers, but can take care of those as
> well, if so desired (just a simple version-bump and rebuild).
> Should I attempt to figure out the magic to do a fancy chainbuild, or just
> let rawhide be busted for a day?... (haha, like its not somehow busted most
> days anyway... ;)

So I've been told that something like this should do the job:

1) bump and tag each of the above

2) from within one of the dependent package's devel branch (can be anything in 
the list, just call it pkg11), do:

[jwilson foo fedora-cvs/pkg11/devel]$ make chain-build CHAIN="libraw1394 
pkg1 ... pkg10"

Unless someone objects, I'll probably just go ahead and do that this weekend, 
rather than busticate rawhide even temporarily.

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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