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Koji reports wrong version when building for dist-f8

Heads-up, if you're trying to build for Fedora 8 and your spec
file detects WHICH version of Fedora you're compiling for.

Fedora's Koji installation currently has a serious configuration bug for dist-f8,
at least for scratch builds.  When it compiles for dist-f8,
it incorrectly thinks it's compiling for dist-f9,
instead of correctly compiling for dist-f8.
That is, when compiling for Fedora 8, %fedora == 9!!!

Proof: If your .spec file has:
 %if %fedora == 9
 ExcludeArch: ppc64

then "rpmbuild -bs X.spec" followed by:
 koji build --scratch dist-f8 ../SRPMS/...src.rpm
will NOT build for ppc64 (wrong!).
But change "== 9" to "== 8", and it WILL build for ppc64
(wrong!). Ooooops.

Maybe it IS building for 9 instead of 8, but the result
is the same: No joy when building for Fedora 8.

I have already submitted a bug report:

But since this is just before a weekend, I don't know how long it'll
be before it's fixed.  I thought I'd save
some grief for the people working over the weekend.


--- David A. Wheeler 

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