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Re: Fedora 9 on ASUS EeePC 900

Jos Vos wrote:

I'm investigating the issues that I can expect when I want to install
Fedora 9 on an ASUS EeePC 900.

I found some references, mainly referring to Fedora 8 and the EeePC 701,
and I found the Fedora Wiki page <http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EeePc>,
that lists various issues.

Will the wired Ethernet still not work for installing F9, for example?

Any references to more detailed information are welcome.

Ethernet works with default fedora kernel with atl2 driver (well, with -libre kernel, I presume fedora's too).

Wifi does not work, but just in the last week Nick Kossifidis got a driver built which works (and I'm happily using):

Note this ath5k driver does not depend on a binary HAL.

Yay Nick!  :)

This did not build for me against kernel-libre- packages but did build and work with linux-2.6.26-libre1.tar.bz2.

The driver for the camera is uvcvideo and I think is available in stock fedora kernel and hit linus in 2.6.26 iirc.

I just install it from an external USB drive. You should be able to pxeboot it too.

I have random notes, code, scripts  etc here:



P.S. Now we just need EeePC coreboot v3  ;)

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