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Re: Heads-up: rubberband 1.2 API breakage

Michel Salim wrote:
I'm committing vamp-plugins-sdk 1.3 and Rubberband 1.2, the latter of
which provides librubberband.so.2 rather than .so.1, to Rawhide.

These affected packages link against librubberband.so.1 and need to be rebuild:
sonic-visualiser (which I maintain)

Also, ardour is listed on Rubber Band's webpage as supporting
rubberband, but our package does not use it as yet. Anthony and Hans?

I've rebuild sooperlooper, but for some reason sooperlooper now freezes on startup on my test (rawhide) system. Since the F-9 version with the F-9 rubberband also freezes on this system, I guess the cause lays elsewhere. So I've submitted a rebuild with a patch for the new rubberband to the buildsys for now.

Some testing would be appreciated.



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