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Re: Packaging nss-ldapd for fedora

Enrico Scholz wrote:
Howard Wilkinson <howard cohtech com> writes:

Enrico, could you expand on the issues you see with nss_ldap under

after some time, bash hangs while expanding e.g. ~en<tab>; koji/bodhi
hang uninterruptible (only 'kill -9' helps; ^Z + ^C are not working)
when nscd is not running (which segfaults periodically).

Bugzilla is full with deep-red reports against nss_ldap :(



can you point me at the bugzilla reports please. I have been following the ones on pdal but if there is another source I would like to see it.

Do the problems you see occur when using kerberos to autheticate to the ldap server? Or are they in another path? You may need to set "bind_policy soft" to get rid of the hangs.

Things that need some attention in nss_ldap include the ability to fail over to a second ldap server, which may be your real problem.

Anyway, the version I run is 259 with my patches for the kerberos library included (see PDAL bugzilla 298) and I get occassional segfaults from nscd but otherwise it works nicely with kerberos keytabs and file based tickets. I have yet to test memory based tickets.


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