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Re: ENVR checking

> Le dimanche 20 juillet 2008 à 09:10 +0200, Michael Schwendt a écrit :
>> It used to be run automatically after each Extras push, but when the
>> build system moved to koji and bodhi, this feature was killed.
> Please reinstall it. It had a very beneficial effect on devel, and the
> deterioration lately is very perceptible.

+50,000.  I miss it.  It's particularly critical to Yum upgrade people,
which I know is not officially supported, but we do have a SIG:


And I for one would appreciate it if this could be run periodically. 
Maybe someone could take ownership of a cluster of scripts of this nature:
source audit, ENVR, b0rken deps, etc.

If no one else wants to run it, I might be interested in doing so.

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