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Re: ENVR checking

Michael Schwendt wrote:

It used to be run automatically after each Extras push, but when the
build system moved to koji and bodhi, this feature was killed. Probably
it was considered unimportant or a source of "spam". That's a problem
with stuff that isn't backed up or enforced by project leadership. When
I started to run it manually after some time prior to the next release
of Fedora, the number of negative voices was overwhelming: Those with
test updates newer than rawhide complained. Those with F-[n-1] test
updates newer than F-[n] complained. Those with pending updates in
bodhi complained. Those who found it helpful stayed silent. From those,
who didn't understand the private mails they received, only a very few
asked for an explanation.

OK, well you shouldn't be fighting a lonely battle here. I'm certainly in that silent many (majority?). It's easy to make a mistake with versioning when we have so many branches and complex situations (base, updates etc.) and I'm very grateful when errors are pointed out so that they can be fixed. ENVR checking is really important, because aside from other reasons:

a) there's no point in doing all the packaging work we do if half the users don't see it because they get stuck on old versions of packages when they do upgrades (and let's face it, with such a fast-moving distribution that even contributors like myself struggle to keep up with releases, we can't expect everyone to be doing fresh installs each time)

b) half-baked systems that don't work properly (due to bad/old versions of software after upgrades) just make Fedora look bad.

I've had at least two different F8->F9 upgraded machines end up unbootable after a "yum upgrade", which may or may not be a result of ENVR issues but either way it's really, really bad. (Thankfully I know enough to fix them, but many other users would have given up and gone away with the impression that Fedora trashed their PC.)

However, I'm obviously preaching to the converted. What do we have to do to get this run in a regular, official, supported way on the Fedora systems and with backup from FPC and whoever in making sure packagers fix problems?


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