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What to do about wireless issues?

What is the proper method for dealing with wireless issues? Wirless is
pretty popular now, and I find myself having issues with the wireless
stack even when I specifically choose the hardware to be compatible.
Due to the number of pieces in place, I can hardly file a proper bug
report due to my own ignorance on the matter. Is their a single medium
where users can reach people knowledgeable enough at least give me (or
other users) enough information to determine which component is

For example, I have two examples currently with me where wifi worked
once, then never well again (so far) with no obvious logged errors.
(not giving details as I am not looking to use this list to
troubleshoot what is possible an end user problem)

Or do I just keep thing to the general list and hope for a response?

Arthur Pemberton

Fedora 7 : sipping some of that moonshine
( www.pembo13.com )

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