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Re: Cast your vote for the Fedora 10 Codename!

2008/7/22 Tim Jackson <lists timj co uk>:
Josh Boyer wrote:

We have several options for the Fedora 10 codename, and you get to help
decide which we use!

Please may we have an additional option "None"?

I cannot see any useful purpose for this other than to make
non-technical or new users wonder why we have two names for one piece of
software, one of which nobody uses and doesn't appear to bear any
resemblance to anything other than some bad, cliquey in-joke.

Fortunately we don't use it *quite* as prominently as some other Linux
distributions (why on earth would I want to admit to someone that I use
an operating system called "potato"?) but these names still make me cringe.

When Werewolf came out the name was used prominently in almost every review I read. It seems people like the name in general, just look at Ubuntu, officially they are numbered releases but everyone uses the names. It's a good PR move and it gives our releases a little bit of personality. I, for one, would proudly announce thatI used Potato if it was a Fedora release.

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