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Re: Cast your vote for the Fedora 10 Codename!

seth vidal wrote:

That'd be correct, though. B/c we don't care if you don't want a name.
We care about having a name for the distro.

Phew, that's me told then. Never again will I have the temerity to question anything. Plus, of course "Fedora 10" isn't a name and thus can't possibly be considered as the canonical name for the tenth release of some software called "Fedora".

I don't expect for a moment that everyone agrees with me that these codenames are unfunny and embarrassing, but how do you know for sure that "We" want a name if nobody can vote against it? (Or am I excluded from the "We" for daring to suggest something other than what "we've always done"?)

(You may well be right. Maybe the Fedora "We" really does want a hilarious name, perhaps overwhelmingly so. In which case I'll accept that with good grace, and agree to disagree. But I didn't think one "INSERT INTO..." to find out was asking a lot, really...)


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