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Re: Cast your vote for the Fedora 10 Codename!

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:

Well I would like to propose that we shift gears a bit.. the naming
contest was moved up to help the art group figure out a visual theme..
and I think that might be backwards.. how about the art group comes up
with various visual themes.. that gets voted on and then we come up
with a name that meets the chosen theme. [It would actually make for a
new game ]

Thanks Stephen, that's constructive. Although I'd still need some convincing, it would at least have a point, plus would have the extra advantage of giving those working on the art more creative freedom instead of being constrained by random wordplay.

I like your logic - if we must have a codename, it at least makes sense to base it around something which has value. Art = highly visible and beneficial to users, promotes Fedora in a positive light. In-jokes = does nothing, possibly causes several negative consequences.


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