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Re: Cast your vote for the Fedora 10 Codename!

2008/7/22 Tim Jackson <lists timj co uk>:
> Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>> Well I would like to propose that we shift gears a bit.. the naming
>> contest was moved up to help the art group figure out a visual theme..
>> and I think that might be backwards.. how about the art group comes up
>> with various visual themes.. that gets voted on and then we come up
>> with a name that meets the chosen theme. [It would actually make for a
>> new game ]
> Thanks Stephen, that's constructive. Although I'd still need some
> convincing, it would at least have a point, plus would have the extra
> advantage of giving those working on the art more creative freedom instead
> of being constrained by random wordplay.
> I like your logic - if we must have a codename, it at least makes sense to
> base it around something which has value. Art = highly visible and
> beneficial to users, promotes Fedora in a positive light. In-jokes = does
> nothing, possibly causes several negative consequences.

Nice to see this hurricane is still firmly in full swing in this teacup.

Unlike Ubuntu, our version numbers are more recognisable than the
codenames. Giving each version of Fedora a name is a bit of fun,
nothing more. Whilst I'm sad to see names like "Red Hat Linux" being
sent to legal (seriously?) as this is obviously a waste of resources,
I think if codenames for software irritates you then you possibly have
too much time on your hands.

Codenames have been around for years and probably always will be.
Please don't piss on other people's fireworks because you don't like
the bangs and flashes.

Christopher Brown


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