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Re: Cast your vote for the Fedora 10 Codename!

José Matos wrote:

Different culture means different habits, what is wrong with that?

Nothing at all; each to their own. But it wouldn't be the first time I've had to explain to a new user who is already dubious about Fedora and suspicious that this Linux thing is some sort of cryptic geeky nonsense why there is a weird obscure name used interchangeably with the more recognisable and user-understandable one. The name by which you distribute a piece of software may be completely unrelated to its merits from the point of view of you or I, but it *is* on the front line of users' awareness of it, and I'd rather Fedora had a reputation for welcoming and encouraging new users, not confusing them :-)

I get (no, really) that it's "just a bit of fun" and rather low down the importance scale of world issues, but it *does* raise questions from those new to Fedora, we *did* just get asked for opinions and I'm only asking people to consider the appearance and appeal to users outside the regular Fedora/Linux community. I'm not trying to eat anyone's babies here, nor personally insult anyone who is deeply attached to codenames...

Anyway, I've used enough bytes making the point for the first and only time since I started with RHL-5 (and I've thought the same since then), so I'll leave everyone to ponder, support or ridicule as they see fit, although it would be nice if people kept an open mind and sense of proportion and humour whilst doing any or all of the above :-)


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