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Re: RFC: Exploded source repo layouts

Hans de Goede wrote:
Doug Ledford wrote:
I've been working on getting this set up and functional.

<lots of complicated hacks and workarounds deleted>

So Far I've been quiet on this, sort of hoping it would go away by itself, but as a contributor with quite a few packages let me say that I'm deeply worried about this whole distributed VCS / exploded source idea floating around.

Does any of those upstream packages use a dvcs as their source control

It seems there are a few people who are a big fan of this, and about as much active opponents. I have no problems with adding the possibility to use a distributed VCS with exploded trees to the mix of ways to maintain and build packages, but this should not replace the current nice and simple setup we have.

Noone has proposed replacing the existing setup, so the rest of your
email can safely be delegated to /dev/null.

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