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Re: Anaconda: loss fonts

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Mer 23 juillet 2008 10:32, Nigel Jones a écrit :

Do you have fontconfig?

In my rawhide kickstart I added:



Waste of space on constrained media.


If you need those that means you've forgotten to add the fonts group
to your ks. That's the official group i18n checks for every release.
I had not 'forgotten' I'd purposely moth-balled it.
I think fontconfig was the missing one

I'm surprised GTK does not require fontconfig directly or indirectly

and the others were just to
entertain me, that said, the xorg-x11-fonts packages would be
recommended, and also fonts-ISO8859-2 imo.

Please don't. That's legacy most users do not need.
I'm only stating what I added (at my own choice) to my kickstart that worked.

- Nigel

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