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Re: Cast your vote for the Fedora 10 Codename!

On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 20:44:22 +0100, Tim Jackson wrote:

> Josh Boyer wrote:
> > We have several options for the Fedora 10 codename, and you get to help
> > decide which we use!
> Please may we have an additional option "None"?

Oh, I really enjoyed the release name "(null)". Probably the funniest
one so far.

In this election I used 0 points. So much effort to come up with a list of
codenames. Even Legal had to spend time on this. Is it worth it?

Nitrate, Saltpetre, Water : after Sulphur? Nah. Too similar to a chain
like "New York -> Boston -> Washington -> Chicago -> Pittsburgh" or so.
I know it won't become a chain like that, but it still looks like that.
(Books about Ubuntu contain complete chapters on explaining their
codenames as if that were important to know.)

Terror : "Dynamite" would have fit here, too, it seems. "Terror" as a
codename is really bad taste.

Mississippi, Nile, Cambridge, Farnsworth : certainly ambiguity plays an
important role here -- I don't want to research that -- but to the
majority of users these will appear in their geographical context,
and that is too unimaginative.

Whiskey Run : the only one I entered in Google. The results were
unconvincing and didn't invite me to want to "learn" more about this.

Fedora release 10 (+1)

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