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Re: Intel moves moblin MIDs from Ubuntu to Fedora!

>> Very cool news. I look forward to the SIG, the spin and seeing Fedora
>> on even more cool devices :-)
>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/07/23/moblin_reworked/
> Here's what's not clear.... is intel going to look to talk with us
> about making this part of the larger Fedora project or is it going to
> be a downstream derived distribution that will include components such
> that it can not carry the Fedora name?  Or are they planning to just
> leverage the existing Fedora distribution bits and do their own thing
> in a way that isn't aligned with existing Fedora contribution
> guidance? Have I missed a discussion concerning Moblin interaction
> with Fedora in the "project" sense? If I have please point me to it so
> I can read up.

No idea, would be cool if they contributed and there was a SIG and a MID Spin.

> A number of questions spring to mind, chief among them whether the new
> Moblin can be incorporated under our secondary arch policy?  How
> different is the Atom processor anyways?  If they are serious about
> making this more attractive to developers, I think we need to have a
> serious discussion about whether or not the technical work they are
> doing can and should live under the Fedora project umbrella.
> Can/Should Moblin be the part of the Fedora project aimed at mobile
> devices? Sharing to some extent policy, best practices guidance, and
> contributor-base.  Or should it sit outside our project completely?

There's some pretty good details of the atom processor stuff at Tom's
hardware. There's two strains, one which is in a lot of the NetBook
devices and one for iPhone style devices.



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