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Re: [RFC] Package Updates/Bodhi Notification Content Policy?

Op woensdag 23-07-2008 om 18:51 uur [tijdzone -0700], schreef Peter
> 1. Any such notable changes should be briefly described in the Bodhi
> entry. Essentially, package maintainers should summarize the key points
> of the upstream changelog for these.


For the daily rawhide reports I think it is also interesting to have
more verbose changelogs. But the issue is this tends to cause a lot of
clutter. There are currently some packages which have a more verbose
changelog (like gimp), but if all packages will do this, the daily
rawhide reports won't get any easier to read.

Maybe it is an idea to add a new rule to the packaging policy, something
in the line of:

"If your package update contains a new release from upstream, add a link
to the full changelog of this new release in the %changelog field"

In the long term, maybe an extra field in the YUM or RPM database could
be used for such a thing, so that user-visible applications (bodhi,
packagekit) can present this information in a more sane manner (like
clickable links)


Erik van Pienbroek

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