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Re: Intel moves moblin MIDs from Ubuntu to Fedora!

On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 9:33 AM, Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
> What are your thoughts on the reason given? RPM had one feature that
> was needed. But from what I've heard/read from others, RPM is lacking
> many other features (better compression methods for example). RPM has
> been (seemingly) pretty stagnant.

I do not trust technical laypress articles to be accurate as to
motivating prioritizes for any decision. Nor should you.  We have the
ability to have an open transparent dialog with Moblin, and we should
not react to the interpretation of an article writer who is looking to
attract eyeballs.
I have come to expect technical laypress articles to
be..sensational...and to note the most controversial of statements
because they are controversial and not because they are the most
important.  I would not hold up The Register as a bastion of
journalist integrity.  I find, like most technical laypress, that
articles are highly editorial in nature, and are not designed to be
unbiased accounting of 'facts' or anything resembling investigative

Until Dirk or another Moblin member is actually communicating directly
with a Fedora community representative, who is looking to understand
the Moblin prioritizes that underlie their decision making, I'm not
going to assume the article accurately portrays the fundamental
decision making process Moblin has gone through for moblin 2.0.  Some
decisions were made to move to basing Moblin 2 off of the Fedora
kernel..that's the only thing I'm taking away from that article.
Beyond that, I view the rest as subtle spin on the part of the
Register staff to sensationalize the announcement. Especially the bit
about RPM since it was not a direct quote attributed  to Dirk.


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