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Re: General information About Fedora

2008/7/25 Oybek Nuriddinov <oybekfedora gmail com>:
> Hello everybody!
> I have a few questions for you, if you know please fill it.

These questions are pretty off-topic for this list. However, I'm happy
to answer them.

> 1.How many decision makers does Fedora have?

This is a very difficult question. In general, there are two main
governance bodies in Fedora  - the Fedora Board, and the Fedora
Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo). Each of these bodies consist
of nine people, and there can be overlap between the two (there is
currently one person serving on both FESCo and the Board). The Board
consists of 4 seats which are appointed by Red Hat, and 5 elected by
the community. FESCo is entirely elected by the community.

There is also a Fedora Project Leader (FPL) who serves as chairman of
the board, and is required to be a full-time Red Hat employee. This
position is currently held by Paul Frields.

The mission of the board is to decide strategic direction for Fedora,
and the mission of FESCo is to decide technical direction of Fedora.
More information about the Board can be found at
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board while more information about
FESCo can be found at

Also, various projects within Fedora have their own internal
governance models, for example the Ambassadors, have their own elected
steering committees.

> 2. By whom is Fedora funded?

The majority of Fedora's funding comes from Red Hat. However, there
are donations of hardware (IBM, Dell), hosting (ServerBeach, Tummy.com
to name a few), and other various goods and services. Also, our
mirrors are an indirect source of funding by saving Red Hat the
bandwidth costs that would otherwise be required in order to
distribute Fedora.

> 3. How many members of Fedora

I'm not sure how you define "members" of Fedora, however, as of the
last FESCo election there were approximately 1800 people that had
completed the Fedora Contributor License agreement and belonged to at
least one other group in the Fedora account system.

> 4. Is desktop environment in KDE or in GNOME?

The default desktop is GNOME, however there are a large contingent of
KDE and Xfce users, and active SIG's around both of those desktop

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