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number of Fedora contributer (was: Re: General information About Fedora)

On 25.07.2008 18:44, Jon Stanley wrote:
2008/7/25 Oybek Nuriddinov <oybekfedora gmail com>:
3. How many members of Fedora
I'm not sure how you define "members" of Fedora, however, as of the
last FESCo election there were approximately 1800 people that had
completed the Fedora Contributor License agreement and belonged to at
least one other group in the Fedora account system.

Just a note: Measurements methods like this are sometimes used in Fedora-land by different people. I'm not completely sure, but Paul for example and *IIRC* mentioned some FAS stats in his "state of the union" talk on Fudcon Boston 2008; some FAS numbers IIRC were also used in the "voter turnout in the board election" discussions on fab-list.

I tend to say it's completely wrong and misleading to use those numbers, because

- there is no real mechanism that makes sure that all the people in the accounts system are still active. I'm quite sure that there are some "inactive" accounts from people; and also tend to say that is likely there are some accounts from people that tried to became a contributor without succeeding in the end (for example because they found no sponsor)

- FAS is used for things that are not specific to Fedora; you IIRC need a FAS account if you want to participate in a fedorahosted project; you need one if you want to edit the wiki; and I accidentally stumbled over the page http://people.redhat.com/lockhart/ols/SVN-tips.html a few days ago. Looks like that everyone that wanted to hand in his paper for OLS had to register in FAS and apply for cla_done and one additional group (there is nothing wrong with using FAS for that IMHO; but it doesn't make those people Fedora contributors...)

I even say a few people will highly dislike being counted as Fedora contributer just because they are registered in FAS. Example: I was counted as OpenSuse contributor in the early OpenSuse days just because I had created a account in OpenSuse's FAS-equivalent to get access to their bugzilla. So when Novell a few weeks later made a press release saying "hey, we attracted 1234567 contributes withing four weeks" I was really disappointed because I knew I was one of those, without wanting to be one of those :-/


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