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Argyllcms 1.0.1 packaged in fedora-devel


Argyll CMS is now packaged in Fedora Devel and should be included in
Fedora 10 (missed Fedora 10 Alpha though)

I must say it I always take a new Argyll release with lots expectations,
and not a little dread, since it has consistently proved a pig to
package. (and this version is no different). Thus, I don't plan a
backport to previous Fedora releases.

Many thanks to Graeme for his continued efforts and Alastair M. Robinson
for removing a huge thorn from my side and autotooling it all.

Anyway, some packaging notes. I've applied:
— V1.0.1_patches.txt (not easy to find, not referenced anywhere)

— argyll_V1.0.1_autotools.patch.gz
  But I had to disable parallel building, Alastair it would be great if
  make -jX worked

  This patch had already been submitted but some parts haven't been
  merged by Graeme yet

  Why oh why do we have to do this? I Notice Mandriva had to do
  something similar. As we said before if there's a specific problem in
  libusb report it and we'll get it fixed

  While most sane countries (mine included) do not recognize software
  patents, there's no need to wave a red flag before patent lawyers.
  (esp. since cameras are now used instead of scanners).

  This includes Graeme's last changes. I'm not sure if a blanket ACL for
  serial devices is good, if Devid Zeuthen complains I'll drop it

Also, the install routine change the timestamps of the files
in /usr/share/color/argyll/ref/. We'd really like those files to have an
invariant timestamp as long as they're not modified.

Anyway, we build with a fairly recent toolchain and very anal build
flags. I expect the non-i386 build logs at
include many interesting warnings about code that should be cleaned up.

I hope Argyll CMS will continue to normalise and will reach the
no-patching-needed stage someday.

Best regards,

Nicolas Mailhot

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