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Re: Calling on Fedora/RedHat ML managers to clean up Fedora-list.

On Mon July 28 2008 11:26:15 Alan Cox wrote:
> Seconded. I've given up on the fedora-list for the most part, and its
> driving users way from the Fedora project. I don't care if its
> fedora-ranting, or just fedora-without-alexanfre-and-les we set up but
> soemthing needs doing before it has a debian-legal like toxic effect on the
> whole userbase

I like the lawless-ness of the fedora-list (it reminds me of just outside my 
window :-) ). Generally its self policing and its always worked upto now, but 
Alexandre Oliva was told on this list to STFU and he obliged that aint quite 
worked on the fedora-list. 

> That or the fedora board could actually tell them to shut up and kick them
> off if they don't

I also like the fact this is one list in fedora the board fears to tread. :-)
I've seen codes of conduct mentioned in this thread but this requires offical 
list police, who's up for that?


p.s this is on topic (subj. changed)     

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