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Re: [packagekit] A PackageKit browser plugin

On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 09:40 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> It won't be GNOME specific, but it is going to link to at least
>  Glib (for main loop)
>  Pango and Cairo (for drawing the UI)
> And without some work:
>  GTK+ (to get colors and fonts and X server timestamp)

I think glib, pango and gtk+ are fine. 

> (It also depends on the 'mozilla-plugin' .pc file from xulrunner
> for header files, though that dependency is pretty shallow.)

Fine for me.

> > Plus, putting it in tree allows me to keep it compiling even if we
> > change API/ABI in the future.
> Yeah, that definitely is an argument for keeping it in tree. Keeping a
> separate package for ~1000 lines of real code is a pain.


> I'll probably do a couple of more revision as a standalone thing to
> cover some of the points you brought up in your other mail, and then we
> can discuss moving forward from there.

Excellent. If you send me your public ssh key as an attachment and
chosen username I'll add you to the commit group on packagekit.org.



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