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Re: Calling on Fedora/RedHat ML managers to clean up Fedora-list.

On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 14:10 +0100, Andrew Haley wrote:
> dexter wrote:
> > On Mon July 28 2008 11:26:15 Alan Cox wrote:
> >> Seconded. I've given up on the fedora-list for the most part, and its
> >> driving users way from the Fedora project. I don't care if its
> >> fedora-ranting, or just fedora-without-alexanfre-and-les we set up but
> >> soemthing needs doing before it has a debian-legal like toxic effect on the
> >> whole userbase
> >
> > I like the lawless-ness of the fedora-list (it reminds me of just
> > outside my window :-) ). Generally its self policing and its always
> > worked upto now, but Alexandre Oliva was told on this list to STFU
> > and he obliged that aint quite worked on the fedora-list.
> It surely was on-topic here to talk about whether unfree binary blobs
> should be included in Fedora.

But not in -devel and not -users.

> Do we really want to say that if any ethical question arises during
> discussion on Fedora lists, people may not address it?

Again, ethical/political/etc questions have no place in an ML that
-should- be dedicated to users who seek help. I doubt that they even
have place in -testing and/or -devel.

I've been subscribed to fedora-* more-or-less since FC2.
For the first time in years I'm thinking about unsubscribing.

- Gilboa

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