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Re: OT: (?) Calling on Fedora/RedHat ML managers to clean up Fedora-list.

seth vidal wrote:
On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 12:54 +0200, Anders Karlsson wrote:
Something equivalent to the Code Of Conduct that Canonical
implemented. It worked on the ubuntu lists. No reason it would not
work here.

I've got no problem with a separate list. I have A LOT of problems with
a code of conduct for fedora.


I agree with Seth.
Most of the "flame-fest" threads mentioned, while mostly boring, idiotic, and several other adjectives
I can think of... they do, on occaision, produce *something* of value, albeit rarely.

Shall we ban idiots, simply because they're moronic?
How about we just shoot 90% of the world and be done with it?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
You miss my point. Are these discussions valuable or not. If they
are not... then we shouldn't make a place for them.... period.  I
don't see anyone who actually standing up and saying these things are
valued and thus worth preparing a special place for in our resource
pool.  If we are only considering making more channels so some of us
can ignore others among us because they are talking about things we
don't care about... I'm not prepared to support that.

I'll consider supporting additional dedicated communications channel
for things when the people who find value in the discussion in
question ask for a dedicated list. They must be able to make the case
that such dedicated communication will actually be useful in helping a
team of people work together towards some identified task or goal
which helps moves the project forward.

-jef"I never read what I write, my spam filter it smart enough to flag
my own posts as trash"spaleta

They are *sometimes* valuable... in the sense of a room full of monkeys on a typewriter will eventually produce
the works of Shakespear. I'd seriously consider supporting it... if for no other reason than the rare pearl it'll produce.

max wrote:
How can a discussion of open source and the GPL be harmful to Fedora or Red Hat?
In what bizarro universe does that even begin to make sense.
 People that don't find the conversation useful should ignore it, that is after all what mail filters were created to do.
 People that understand and respect freedom don't advocate censorship in any form. If you don't have the discipline to ignore the conversation then that's your problem.

I am willing to accept that perhaps I have missed the point of the Fedora Project entirely. So maybe one of you generous souls  could enlighten me.


I could not have stated that better myself.
If ya'll are going to insist on censorship and bureaucracy... please let me know...
I've got a lot of other distros to look at if that's the case.

I've been around Fedora/Redhat since ~1998/9... mostly because I'm stubborn...
and I'd really hate to have to kick it to the curb.

No Censorship in *ANY* form... period.
Lyos Gemini Norezel

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