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Re: OT: (?) Calling on Fedora/RedHat ML managers to clean up Fedora-list.

> The real question becomes, is who is an idiot?
> There are certainly people who are trouble, but how long until a
> policy such as this just turns into a witch hunt?
> You don't like someone?  Great, just bait them into breaking the
> policy and get them kicked out!
> If you don't like a thread, just ignore it.  That's a lot less work
> than creating an overly elaborate code of conduct nobody is really
> going to follow anyway.

Agreed.  The noise can be annoying, but it's pretty subjective from
person to person as to what is and what isn't.  I think this is why a
"topical" approach would be more appropriate vs trying set up some code
of ethics.

It's a lot easier to argue in favor of a new list because a certain
topic or group of topics continue to come up (otherwise we'd just have
one big list for everything and "filter" as needed).  So,
fedora-advocacy or fedora-argue makes a lot of sense framed like that
IMO; less so on a "we need to regulate this" basis.

> I compare this to talking to a boring person at a party.  Are you going to
> stand there and complain how boring they are, or go find someone more
> interesting to talk to?


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