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Mailing list support [Fwd: New support lists?]

I sent the original email below to fedora-list, after seeing a certain
topic or two on that list as well as devel-list and wanted to forward it
here as well.  Just something along the lines of the other topic about
cleaning up fedora-list.

Note, fedora-testers-list below should be fedora-test-list as I
accidentally called it by different name and didn't mean to create a new

Anyway, just something that might make things easier.

BTW, we all know Red Hat is main primary sponsor/contributor and what
not to Fedora, but shouldn't fedora related material be behind
fedoraproject.org domain or something instead?  No biggie or complain,
just asking/putting it out there.

Peace out muh bruthahs LOL

Mike Chambers
Fedora Project - Ambassador, Bug Zapper, Tester, User, etc..
mikec302 fedoraproject org

-------- Forwarded Message --------
> From: Mike Chambers <mike miketc net>
> Reply-to: For users of Fedora <fedora-list redhat com>
> To: Fedora <fedora-list redhat com>
> Subject: New support lists?
> Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 14:15:54 -0500
> Hi all,
> Reading the last couple emails from another thread on maybe new list or
> two, and to segregate the content to them was brought up and have couple
> new list names that might help make sense or to get the ball rolling?
> fedora-list(this one) - General Fedora talk, opinions, suggestions,
> comments, distro wars, all that type stuff not support related.
> fedora-user-list or fedora-support-list - Bug references, problems with
> software, computer won't boot, email don't work, firefox plugins not
> working, etc.. where problems are asked about and responded to on
> *official releases*.
> fedora-testers-list - as is, for testing alpha, beta, preview, rc
> releases when preparing a new release.
> fedora-devel-list - as is, for development of fedora, and the rest that
> is currently used on that list.
> See the url below for currently created lists already being used..
> https://listman.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/
> Would this help make things better?

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