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Re: great news for Asus eee users

Valent Turkovic wrote:
I have posted a question on ath5k wireless devel list on support for
AR2425 (AR5007EG) chipset (one that Asus eee 701 has) and got an
answer that the patches have been sent upstream. So when they got
included Asus eee's wireless will work in Fedora out of the box,

Yes, they will be part of the main ath5k driver in the kernel. Here's the patches in preparation, below: I believe he's submitted them to wireless testing, so they are making their way up to the vanilla kernel.

This is a great news for me as a Asus eee user because wireless is the
only part of Asus eee that isn't working out of the box on Fedora 9.
For me as a future Fedora 10 user this is a great because Fedora 10
will work on Asus eee out of the box, including working wireless.

The wireless is already working very well in Managed mode. I've been using it for a week or so without problems. :) In ad-hoc, it's not quite perfect yet, but I can get two eees to talk each other.


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