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Re: livecd-creator unmounting temp image, running daemons.

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Phillip Lougher
<phillip lougher demon co uk> wrote:
>  The squashfs3.3 tarballs from sourceforge and squashfs-lzma.org
> are identical because the tarball on squashfs-lzma is taken unchanged from
> sourceforge,

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I had assumed the tarball form the
squashfs-lzma site was patches.

> Failing to find root may be because you're still not generating a Squashfs v3.2
> compatible filesystem.  The patch you mention elsewhere which adds '-no-sparse'
> to mksquashfs, also adds '-b 131072' which will still generate an incompatible
> filesystem, the block size must be 64K or less - the patch should be adding
> '-no-sparse -b 64k'.

You are right about that - but I later switched to using mksquashfs
from the 3.2 tarball, and tested the squashfs file by mounting it on a
2.6.23 kernel w/o problems.

> If you see the following error message after the initrd tries to mount root, you
> still have an incompatible filesystem.
> SQUASHFS error: Major/Minor mismatch, trying to mount newer 3.1 filesystem
> SQUASHFS error: Please update your kernel

When using mksquashfs from v3.2 I did not see those errors anymore. In
fact, there are no obvious errors anymore - attempting to boot we see

Added udev rule 00-cdlabel.rules:
[some noise about udev]
SCSI subsystem initialized
starting udevd
creating devices
waiting for system to settle
no root yet, udev will write symlink...
waiting up to 60 seconds before dropping to emergency shell
WARNING: Cannot find root file system!
Create symlink /dev/root and then exit this shell to continue the boot sequence

I don't really know where to find the squashfs/ext3 file to try to mount it.


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