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wine unstable releases

Now there are stable and unstable releases of wine and in fedora
only the stable release is available. I think this isn't very useful.
The stable branch is not that good and bugfix releases will be quite rare. 
There is no point in sticking with the stable branch since for 9 years
or so there have been only development releases. Also if the unstable
branch is maintained it will be easier for fedora users to submit bug
reports and application reviewes relevant to the latest version. 
I'm willing to comaintain wine and update it in rawhide as frequently
as I can.
So I'm thinking about maintaining the unstable branch in rawhide and
when that becomes a fedora release I'll just wait until a stable wine 
released then push it as an update and leave it(the stable wine branch
releases are tied to major gnome and xorg releases). And also continue 
with the frequent releases in rawhide.  

Also latest wine for stable fedora releases will be great. The problem
is with  the 2 week release cycle. It's 2 days for packaging and
building, 5 days in testing and 2-3 days as pending, it will be up to
date a week in the best case and then it will be outdated again.
Any ideas how can we have the latest wine with a day or two delay? 
There are frequent requests in bugzilla for the latest wine to be 
available as update.

So is this a problem of some sort? Wine is somewhat major application
and I don't want to mess up with some release policy or some other


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