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Re: Calling on Fedora/RedHat ML managers to clean up Fedora-list.

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> Or maybe the support list should be named fedora-immoralist ;-P :-D

Or perhaps you could see that posting 200+ messages to a single thread
(debating the nuances of the GPL and whether GNU/Linux is the proper
name for the OS) on fedora-list over the past several weeks is just a
little bit excessive?

If you'd been a long-time contributor on fedora-list it would be one
thing (though still annoying).  But as far as I can tell you haven't
posted anything on fedora-list other than a religious-style holy
crusade to convince everyone of the righteousness of your cause.

Perhaps if you continue to say it over and over and over no one will
be left listening to argue with you?  Hooray for your awesome powers
of persuasion.

I feel sorry for the poor folks just learning linux that come to
fedora-list for some help installing or using Fedora and have their
mailboxes overrun with your philosophical debate.

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    -- Lisa Simpson

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