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Re: Calling on Fedora/RedHat ML managers to clean up Fedora-list.

Ok since I've talked about you Its right I should talk to you. (but just this 
once, I am a man of very few emails :-) )

On Tue July 29 2008 22:09:02 Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> I wonder why nobody's complaining about all this traffic on this
> non-technical thread on a list that people complained was supposed to
> be restricted to technical content.  Heck, why was the discussion even
> started here?  Double standards, as usual?

Keep replying in this thread and see what happens.
No double standards at all, the 'technical content' card is shown when 
discussion breaks down or has little or no relevance/benefit to day to day 
fedora or the un-stoppable force meets the un-movable object :-)
> > Do we really want to say that if any ethical question arises during
> > discussion on Fedora lists, people may not address it?
> Seems like that's the general feeling of those who demand silence
> about it.  Perhaps a separate list named "fedora-truth" or
> "fedora-ethics", for this kind of discussion, would make it clear
> enough that truth and ethics are not welcome on other lists.
> Or maybe the support list should be named fedora-immoralist ;-P :-D

I plan not to respond further in this thread and refer you back to the 
excellent post by Mr T Zullinger. 


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