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Re: Move libgnome[ui] Python bindings to gnome-python2-gnome?

Matthew Barnes wrote, at 08/01/2008 12:03 AM +9:00:
> The OLPC guys are asking me to split the Python bindings for libgnome
> and libgnomeui into a new subpackage of gnome-python2 called
> gnome-python2-gnome (see [1]).  The rationale being that libgnome drags
> in extra dependencies that some of the other gnome-python2 subpackages
> don't need.  For example, gnome-python2-gnomevfs doesn't need libgnome
> but still requires its parent package, gnome-python2.
> This sounds like a reasonable idea to me but it will break other
> packages that require gnome-python2 expecting to get the libgnome[ui]
> bindings.  Those packages would have to require gnome-python2-gnome
> instead.
> Possibly affected packages include:

>   wallpapoz
> Any objections or alternate suggestions?

I maintain wallpapoz and as far as I am correct wallpapoz is also affected:
wallpapoz uses


Instead, if OLPC members wants to use only non-binding part, would you consider
to create gnome-python2-base (for example) and to make gnome-python2 depend on


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