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Re: Networkmanager service is shutdown too early

> It's not clear that the benefits of doing this actually equal or
> surpass the cost of writing and maintaining that code in NM and all of
> the other listed services for the one or two times a year that the bus
> _might_ crash if a cosmic ray hits your RAM and ECC doesn't fix it.

<devil's advocate>Not every box runs at sea level.  Cosmic rays become a
significant issue at altitude.  Think of people living up in the
mountains or astronomical observatories.  Think of people on long-haul
flights using their laptops.  And my personal usage case, high altitude
balloons (37km altitude).  We can't afford RAD hardened boxes, so we
have redundant machines with watchdogs to switch between them, which
works great for the hard crashes (every couple days) but not so much for
the 'soft' crashes where systems go wonky.</devil>

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