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Re: a new page for packaging recommendations by everyone

On 01.06.2008 17:17, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> [...]
tibbs> | spot: Any chance we could work out access to some of the pages under Packaging?
0:55 <       tibbs> | CommonRpmlintIssues and FrequentlyMadeMistakes?
0:55 <        spot> | tibbs: sure.
0:56            --- | mspevack is now known as mspevack_mtg
0:56 < spot> | tibbs: i'll try to open the ACLs for those (assuming that moinmoin plays nice)
- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/SteeringCommittee/Meeting-20060608
Perhaps the ACLs just have to be re-opened now that we're using mediawiki?

Don't think that's wise.

Instead drop them completely; give everyone again a chance to *easily* participate everywhere in Fedora without being in committees; those should watch and coordinate/decide only if needed. IOW: it's a wiki, we should use it like one!

But from older discussions I'm well aware that you guys don't want to that. I think that's totally stupid(¹), but that's just my option. Thus move everything out of Packaging/ that is meant to be modified for ordinary packagers; that will avoid a lot of confusion, as it'll be crystal clear for everyone then that Packaging/ is completely maintained by the Packaging Committee.


(¹) note "that"; the packaging committee members are highly skilled people and I think they are doing a lot of good work; I just don't like the ACLs and the bureaucracy which is needed to get something improved; that is not specific to the Packaging Committee and has become a general problem in Fedora; I'm well aware that some of that is my fault from the days when I was more active/in FESCo

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