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Re: a new page for packaging recommendations by everyone

On Sun June 1 2008, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> Instead drop them completely; give everyone again a chance to *easily*
> participate everywhere in Fedora without being in committees; those
> should watch and coordinate/decide only if needed. IOW: it's a wiki, we
> should use it like one!

There is an extension for mediawiki to allow reviewing and marking revisions 
of a page as stable. Imho this would make it a lot easier to participate in 
the changing of acl-restricted pages:

Of course it needs to be tested how good this works with the acl system in 
place. I already created an ticket in the Infrastructure trac to collect 
information about this:

> move everything out of Packaging/ that is meant to be modified for
> ordinary packagers; that will avoid a lot of confusion, as it'll be
> crystal clear for everyone then that Packaging/ is completely maintained
> by the Packaging Committee.

I agree, having some pages that may be edited is only confusing.


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