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Re: PyLucene: How to package libraries that link against OpenJDK libraries?

Felix Schwarz wrote:

> So I think JCC is basically the right thing to do as this is the only
> way you can always use the latest Python features (even Python packages
> that are written in C) and the latest Java (GCJ always had threading
> issues and is generally hard to debug).

I'm not going to let this one past.  gcj does not have "threading issues",
whatever that means, and I don't agree that it's hard to debug.  The latter
is a matter of opinion, but the former a matter of fact.

>> Specifically, "If the JNI-using code calls System.loadLibrary you'll
>> have to patch it to use System.load, passing it the full path to the
>> dynamic shared object."
>> For an example of this see
>> http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/devel/javasqlite/
> Sorry, my wording was not detailed enough. JCC does "JNI the other way
> round" so it calls Java from C++. Therefore there is no
> System.loadLibrary which could be patched. Instead I have to rely on the
> standard linker configuration (or use rpath).

Or use a full path in dlopen().  What libraries does JCC need to open?
Just libjvm, or others?


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