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Re: no updates?

On Sun, 2008-06-01 at 09:14 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:

> You can test for it by examining the cached metadata files below
> /var/cache/yum/updates. Start with the timestamp on "cachecookie". Only if
> old enough, Yum loads new metadata. [The default is 1800 seconds in
> yum.conf's metadata_expire= value.] Compare timestamp of "repomd.xml" with
> the mirror that is assigned to you (file "mirrorlist.txt". Recent Yum
> versions ignore mirrors that offer repomd.xml files which are older than
> what you've got in your cache. This way you can find mirrors which don't
> sync daily.

Right, so I see this:

in repomd.xml

<?xml version="1.0" ?><repomd xmlns="http://linux.duke.edu/metadata/repo";>

In mirrorlist.txt

# repo = updates-released-f9 arch = i386 country = AU 

I'm not seeing linux.duke.edu in here.  Should I?


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