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Re: Firefox and Moonlight (Mono) "Free Software" Status?

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 12:28 AM, Keith G. Robertson-Turner <fedora slated org> wrote:
1. The decision to allow Mono to enter the tree seems to have been made
  arbitrarily by Red Hat, with no community consultation, and in spite
  of protests (including some by high profile Red Hat personnel -
  mostly expressed as a rejection of Mono before the announcement).

I think you are entirely mischaracterizing what happened. General Fedora policy is essentially a package is innocent until proven guilty. If it meets packaging policy, it can go in. (Keep in mind, policy does cover licensing and legal concerns) There was no decision to allow Mono in, rather, there was a decision to keep it *out* for legal reasons. Those legal concerns were addressed, thus Mono gets in by default.

High profile people can protest it all they want, but unless a solid legal or technical issue can be presented, there's simply no grounds to disallow it.

(Personally I'm a bit paranoid of Microsoft/C#/Mono myself, but I ♥ Tomboy. I just wish I could sync my Tomboy notes with Google somehow...)

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