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Slightly Off Topic: mod_python performance

Hi folks,

this message does not really handle fedora-devel stuff, but I thought
there might be some apache/mod_python pros out here who could give me a
I'm having a severe performance issue with a cutom trac plugin I wrote
on an ubuntu server. This plugins runs with mod_python on an apache, in
the lates trac environment. Versions are 2.2.4 apache and 3.3.1

This server has a 3Ghz PIV cpu and 512Megs of RAM. Here the complete
request (tested with wget on that machine itself) takes 4-5 seconds to
When I run that plugin on my notebook which has an intel T8300 with
2,4Ghz I get a 1 second answer. 

Is that completely hardware driven (I mean a 3-4 times better
performance on a notebook, WOW)? Or is there a magic



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